• Full Name: Lunaria K. Ayaren.

  • Nicknames: Luna, Lulu, Lunya.

  • Gender: Female.

  • Species: Feline Demi-Human. 

  • Age: 2½ years old. (24 human years)

  • Height: 140 cms.

  • Meassurements: 95 - 69 - 98

  • Blood type: O-

  • Birthday: October 19th (Libra)

  • Origin: The virtual kingdom of Uthqoria.

  • Likes: Raw salmon, strawberries.

  • Dislikes: Vegetables, dogs (Phobia).


Lunaria is a virtual being that comes from a virtual dimension. She currently is stuck living in PabyZilla's computer and makes content online in an attempt to help him pay his internet bills.

Lunaria is the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve. She never hides emotions and is very intense when it comes to feeling things.

She enjoys spending time with her friends and creating videos both for a love and a monetary need. (Though it hasn't been the most profitable idea ever and keeps a day-job becuse of it).

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  • Full Name: [ REDACTED ]

  • Nicknames: Paby, Pabs, Human.

  • Gender: Male

  • Species: Human (Uses a 3D avatar) 

  • Age: 24 years old.

  • Height: 190 cms.

  • Meassurements: [ REDACTED ]

  • Blood type: A+

  • Birthday: November 22nd (Scorpio)

  • Origin: Chile.

  • Likes: Dogs, roast beef, romance novels.

  • Dislikes: Cats, slow internet, crybabies.

Your typical otaku and gamer guy.

Paby is an artist and an avid kaiju-lover. He enjoys playing games competitively and sometimes trolling others in-game for his own amusement. He is often very acid, rude and quite anti-social but deep down he has a heart of gold. It's just covered in so many layers that it's near impossible to reach.

He downloaded Lunaria by accident one time he didn't read a shady installer. Instead of deleting her, he chose to keep her as his personal computer janitor and has her finish his delayed work whenever possible.

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  • Full Name: Poyo

  • Gender: ???

  • Species: Silk Moth

  • Age: ???

  • Height: 10 cms.

Poyo is Lunaria's virtual pet.

Usually stays inside the virtual pet toy around her neck, though they sometimes come out to stretch their wings.

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